Ottawa Redblacks’, CFL’s 2020 season cancelled- Redblacks opt outs and cuts

Since March 11th the sports world hasn’t been the same. All of the major sports leagues were in shutdown due to the worldwide pandemic, some came back in a bubble format and some have been able to come back in regular play but there has also been a number of leagues unable to make a return in 2020, the CFL is among those on the list.

After about 2 months since the world had been in lockdown, there were numerous questions around the CFL. Many thought there could be a full season still, some thought of a shortened season and then there were thoughts about not having a 2020 season at all but as time kept passing the options were becoming numbered and there was only a small amount of ways to help out the CFL in having a 2020 season, one being money. The CFL isn’t like the NFL. It is the same sport and the players in the leagues have very similar talent but unfortunately the CFL doesn’t have a lot of money like the NFL, and that led to the CFL having financial problems in which the CFL had to request a loan from the Canadian government.

The loan, which was requested in July had been denied by the Canadian government in mid August leading towards a canceled 2020 CFL season. This cancellation ends a 100+ year run for the CFL’s Grey Cup that has been played each year since the 1920 CFL season.

Redblacks re-sign kicker Lewis Ward, punter Richie Leone - 3DownNation

Unfortunately the league not being able to play in 2020 doesn’t only mean a Grey Cup can’t be played, but the players may not have another football game played for another full calendar year depending on the continuation of the pandemic. This has led to players retiring, who like James Wilder Jr have pursued different careers, but more common the league has lost a large number of players to the NFL. The REDBLACKS’ so far have lost 4.

Since the news broke on the 16th, the Ottawa Redblacks’ have lost Richie Leone, Jalen Saunders, Marcus Roberson and Taryn Christion. All four are still free agents, although each have NFL experience in their back pocket which could help them get on somewhere.

With the CFL’s future so uncertain, keep your eyes out for more opt outs and releases around the league as there is bound to be more.

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