Long CFL off-season, a busy one for Marcel Desjardins and the Ottawa Redblacks, what do they look like going into the 2021 season

Of course we are a long ways away from having a season in 2021 still, but staying positive as if we were to play in 2021, the Ottawa Redblacks have improved heavily. On both sides of the football the team has gotten talent and kept talent around on special teams, making sure that they can have the best team possible going into the 2021 season and that is something they have done. Starting with the head coach position, the Ottawa Redblacks front office led by general manager Marcel Desjardins got the best coach for the job in Paul LaPolice and then going all the way through the off-season, getting a proven quarterback in Matt Nichols as well as some top of the line pass rushers in Cleyon Laing and Stefan Charles. With the 2021 CFL Draft still to come, the Redblacks have gotten much better since the 3-15 team they had in 2019 and to get a good look at it, below is the Ottawa Redblacks’ offensive and defensive depth chart. In no specific order the players are in talent wise, it is just to get a feel for what the team will look like in 2021.

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