Welcome to my journey

The Zlomislic family (Jordan in the front with sign) following Redblacks Grey Cup victory in 2016 photo taken by Chris Hofley

The Beginning

Starting at just 14 years old on this website Jordan Zlomislic has shown dedication and passion towards being the next best Canadian football story teller. Having been a season ticket holder of the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks since they came into existence in 2014 Zlomislic and his family has been big fans of the team, even growing relationships with players, coaches and the staff around the team. For Jordan, going to games was never just about watching football, it was about being there for the atmosphere, for the experience. He had only gone to one football game at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan between the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys of the NFL and it was at TD Place where Jordan fell in love with the game of football and everything around it. Since stepping foot on the field on July 18th 2014 at the Ottawa Redblacks inaugural home opener he’s always wanted to have a future around the game of football and after the 2019 season which Jordan Zlomislic covered the Ottawa Redblacks for it was decided that Jordan’s placement in the game of football was going to be behind the scenes in the media.

Zlomislic had built great relationships with others involved with sports media, making it an easy start up for the young 14 year old at the time and it has grown to be much bigger than imagined when he conducted his first interview with Ottawa Redblacks wide receiver Tyrone Pierre at the 2019 Ottawa Redblacks family day. It has now grown to two separate platforms, one being Lil Z Big R where Zlomislic still covers the majority of the Ottawa Redblacks stories and the other being JZ Media which Jordan has created to grow his name brand outside of just TD Place.

The Future

With now two years under his belt as a sports journalist and member of the sports media world Zlomislic has written hundreds of articles related to the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks and posted over 100 times on his JZ Media website, helping build his platform. He has also been able to put together four documentaries with the connections he’s built with the Ottawa Redblacks’ Sherrod Baltimore, DeVonte Dedmon, now Edmonton Football Team defensive back Jonathan Rose as well as Alain Cimankinda of Ottawa, Ontario. He has stayed busy since he started up shop in April of 2019 and looks to continue to be consistent and one day be at the top whether that be covering the CFL, or being found on ESPN or NFL Network, Jordan Zlomislic has dreams of being the best to ever to it in his respective fields and with a lot in the works on his JZ Media website and platform a lot is reachable for the young man.